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Nicole J. Leverett, based in NJ, USA, is a photographer and visual artist whose love for photography and flair for creativity have been ingrained since childhood. While she has always loved photography, it wasn't until 2019 that she fully committed to it as a professional pursuit. During the 90s, she dabbled in graphic and web design, mastering the Adobe suite of applications along the way. The fusion of her graphic design skills with her passion for food and beverage photography came organically and just made sense.

Her greatest joy lies in unleashing her creativity, crafting images that mesmerize with their detail and seemingly impossible composition. Additionally, she finds purpose in empowering others to succeed. This has led her to the intersection of doing and sharing what she loves while also providing value and a service that benefits others; it really is the perfect situation.

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Proprietary Blend (Sugar, Spice, Everything Nice)

photographer, visual artist, creative director

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